“Theresa May isn’t the only one who has her eyes set on the land of Labour’s fathers. The sudden flurry of enthusiasm for Wales following the prime minister’s trek around Snowdonia, and subsequent visitations, matches a snap rise in cross-border interest in property.

Carol Peett, director of West Wales Property Finders, tells me she has never known the market so busy. Bungalows that have struggled for a viewing have suddenly been scrutinised multiple times and are being snapped up by cash investors.

Why? “There is a huge demand from British people who have been living in places like France and Italy moving back due to Brexit,” Peett says — and perhaps it helps that the average house price in the principality is just £145,293. Expats have been investing in buy-to-holiday-lets owing to the weak pound; many are also selling holiday homes in overcrowded Cornwall and the West Country, and heading to Pembrokeshire”.

https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/has-your-home-ever-made-you-cry-fthmrt7ft – The Sunday Times 30th April 2017

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